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Diagonal Image Size
  1. 49” (inch) (1)
  2. 50” (inch) (3)
  3. 55” (inch) (3)
  1. Full HD - 1080p (6)
  2. Ultra HD - 4K (1)
Brightness cd/m²
  1. 350 cd/m² (1)
  2. 450 cd/m² (5)
  3. 2500 cd/m² (1)
  1. 3 Year (7)
Usage Rating
  1. 16/7 (1)
  2. 24/7 (6)
Contrast Ratio
  1. 1100:1 (1)
  2. 1200:1 (1)
  3. 4000:1 (3)
  4. 5000:1 (2)
  1. £0.00 - £0.00 (0)
Internal Media Player
  1. Yes (7)
Mount or Stand Included
  1. Yes (7)
Fitted Speakers
  1. None (1)
  2. Built In 4w (1)
  3. Built In 10w (4)
  4. Built In 20w (1)
Display Orientation
  1. Portrait Only (2)
Tile Matrix
  1. No (7)
SignageLive Compatible
  1. No (7)
Screen Ratio
  1. 16:9 Widescreen (7)
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  1. LG (1)
  2. Viewsonic (1)
  3. Digital Advertising (5)
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Digital Signage and Large Format Displays

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JP-UK Offer a Wide Range of Digital Signage, SMART Signage & Large Format Displays

Samsung Smart Signage Platform

We offer a wide selection of Digital Signage & Large Format Displays for many different environments. Our range includes displays ranging from 10'' up to a huge 98'', these can operate anywhere from 12 hours a day up to always on 24 hour displays. Each display has unique features such as system-on-chip which has revolutionised the display market. The Samsung SMART Signage series are fitted with System-on-Chip which can display your media content without a computer connected.

LG Digital Signage Web OS

We stock LG Digital Signage, SMART System-on-Chip and Semi-Outdoor displays. Every single LG Display we stock will be fitted with IPS (In-Plane-Switching), this offers a superior viewing angle combined with much lower temperatures when in operation. If you want to make an impact on your customers, consider an ultra high-definition screen such as the 49 inch Digital Signage display, which features webOS 4.0.

BenQ SMART Signage

We also proudly stock the BenQ Smart Signage, Large Format Display and Digital Signage range. The Smart Signage range from BenQ offers the ability to display ultra high definition content and offer X-Sign Software which offers content creation from design templates and network display management. The Large Format Range offer USB media playback for those who simply want to display media such as pictures.

Great Value Large Format Displays at JP-UK

We have supplied Schools, Healthcare, Businesses, Charities and the Public Sector with Large Format Displays and Digital Signage for many years across the UK and Europe. We ensure that every single display within our Digital Signage range is priced as competitively as possible, ensuring you get the very best deal.

Have a question about the Large Format Display & Digital Signage range? Call a member of our expert team on: 0161 474 1200. Alternatively, email based enquiries can be sent to us at:

Please Note: All images & product information, specification, details, and, if applicable, dimensions, are supplied by the manufacturer, and are for illustration / reference purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy of the information portrayed on this page, the package contents will prevail.