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Items 1-40 of 153

We Provide an Exceptional Range of Tablet & iPad Secure Charging Trolleys for Schools, Healthcare and more

zioxi iPad Sync Trolley 16

Many Education and Business locations across the UK now use iPads and Tablets to help with their learning or job role. However, keeping all these devices secure and charged after each use can become challenging, especially when managing multiple devices at once. An iPad Charging Trolley can be a great solution to this problem by securing all your devices while keeping them charged.

Some of the Secure iPad/Tablet Charging Trolleys also have Synchronization hubs fitted inside, enabling an easy way to keep your devices up to date with the latest software, apps, or create backups. Our most popular 'Charge & Sync' trolley is the zioxi iPad Trolley which can secure 16 devices at once, helping to ensure your devices are secured, charged, and synchronised ready for the day ahead.

Lockncharge Carrier Range

We have a large range of charge without synchronisation Trolleys such as Lockncharge Tablet & iPad Charging Trolley, these trolleys offer great secure storage, mobility and charging.

Great Value Tablet & iPad Secure Charging Trolleys at JP-UK

Have a question about the Tablet & iPad Secure Charging Trolley range? Call a member of our expert team on: 0161 474 1200. Alternatively, email based enquiries can be sent to us at: info@jp-uk.co.uk.

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