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JP-UK Provides an Exceptional Range of Tablet & iPad trolleys for Schools

Nuwco PlasTab 32

Many schools across the UK now use iPads and Tablets in the classroom, all these devices need to be kept secure and charged each night after use. An iPad Trolley can be a great solution to this issue by keeping them charged, mobile, secure and accessible.

You may wish to synchronise your iPads with the latest software, apps or create backups. This can be achieved by 'Charge & Sync' trolleys, such as the Aver iPad Trolley which can fit 32 devices at once, ensuring that your devices are charged, synchronised and ready for the day ahead. See our large range of iPad Trolleys below, the majority of which are Android compatible.

Loxit TabCart 16

We have a large range of charge without synchronisation Trolleys such as Ergotron Tablet & iPad Trolley these style trolleys offer great secure storage, mobility and charging for each individual devices.

Store, Charge & Sync iPads

The Tablet & iPad trolley range at JP-UK are the ideal solution for the security and storing, charging and synchronisation of iPads and tablet devices. Our Tablet & iPad carts & trolleys come with up to 60 storage bays for your iPads, and most models have auto-temperature controls and anti-jemmy plates for enhanced security and surge protection for each individual tablet & iPad docking bay.

Our Most Popular iPad / Tablet Security Trolleys

Exceptional Savings on a Number of our Tablet & iPad Trolleys for Education when Bought in Conjunction with iPads

We understand when you are purchasing iPads and the associated hardware, It can be taxing for educational institutions, both in terms of time and money. We have recognised this and have simplified the process, providing you with an exceptional levels of financial savings when our iPad & tablet security trolleys are bought in conjunction with iPads as part of our iPad bundles for education.

If you require further information regarding our expanding range of tablet and iPad trolleys or to enquire about our iPad bundles for educational institutions, call a member of our customer service team on: 0161 474 1200. Alternatively, enquiries can be emailed to us at:


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