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tray storage
Tray Storage designed for use in nursery & school environments, used to keep books, stationery and toys in a safe place.
Tray Storage
From: £104.90 Ex. VAT £125.88 Inc. VAT
Coloured Edge Storage
Help pupils identify storage units by assigning a different colour to each item type, or subject.
Coloured Edge Storage
From: £113.90 Ex. VAT £136.68 Inc. VAT
Premium Range
Our range of premium units is great for both education and office environments, with a sleek white or grey finish.
Premium Range
From: £521.90 Ex. VAT £626.28 Inc. VAT
Bubblegum Range
The colourful Bubblegum range offers a wide choice of products such as storage units, designed for use in school environments.
Bubblegum Range
From: £139.90 Ex. VAT £167.88 Inc. VAT
Our book storage range is ideal for use in nurseries, playgroups and infant schools, designed to keep books safe and the classroom tidy!
Book Storage
From: £182.90 Ex. VAT £219.48 Inc. VAT
Art storage
Our art storage range is ideal for use in school environments, to store, and keep art equipment safe and keep the classroom tidy!
Art Storage
From: £228.90 Ex. VAT £274.68 Inc. VAT
Metal storage
Our metal storage range is ideal for use in art and technology classrooms, or for use in warehouse and storage environments.
Metal Trolleys
From: £316.90 Ex. VAT £380.28 Inc. VAT
The Really Useful Boxes can store a huge variety of items, in a range of storage units. Each box comes with its own lid!
Really Useful Box Range
From: £345.90 Ex. VAT £415.08 Inc. VAT
Stackable Storage
Create your own storage solutions by selecting the units you need and connecting them together to create the perfect solution for you.
Stackable Storage
From: £179.90 Ex. VAT £215.88 Inc. VAT
Room Dividers
A wide choice of stackable storage dividers and cupboards, designed for use in school environments.
Room Dividers
From: £171.90 Ex. VAT £206.28 Inc. VAT
Office Storage
Office furniture and storage units, such as desks, shelves, cupboards and units to store paper or A4 ringbinder folders.
Office Furniture & Storage
From: £460.90 Ex. VAT £553.08 Inc. VAT
Exam Desks
Individual Desks and Study Units for exam halls, quiet study areas, and individual learning. Ideal for use in Education.
Individual Desks & Study Carrels
From: £36.90 Ex. VAT £44.28 Inc. VAT
Project Tables
Our project tables are ideal for use in school environments, especially in art, textiles and technology environments.
Project Tables
From: £389.90 Ex. VAT £467.88 Inc. VAT
School Trolleys
School trolleys such as lunch trolleys, music trolleys and sports trolleys, designed for use in school environments.
School Trolleys
From: £251.90 Ex. VAT £302.28 Inc. VAT
Cloakroom Furniture
Great for use in nursery, playgroups and infant school environments, with storage for both bags and coats.
Cloakroom Furniture
From: £464.90 Ex. VAT £557.88 Inc. VAT

Additional Trays & Lids

Clutter-Free Classrooms with Educational Furniture at JP-UK

EF0213 Exam Desk Trolley Pack with 25 Folding Exam Desks

Our range of educational furniture supplies includes a number of desks and tables, including our range of exceptionally popular Exam Desks. Perfect for use throughout the academic year during mock exams, tests and exams.

MEQ8006 6 Cubby Tray Storage Unit

When it comes to classroom organisation it is important to encourage pupils to take responsibility for the storage of their work and books. This helps them to develop organisational skills for later life, whilst promoting a clutter free classroom environment. We provide a range of tray storage options to fulfil these requirements.

CT3104 Tall Mobile Open Storage Unit with Adjustable Shelf

Our product range is not exclusively for educational customers, as we also stock a range of office storage items. The products in this range include ring folder storage units and shelves in order to facilitate an organised office environment.

Free UK Delivery

We understand that when ordering educational furniture, schools, colleges and universities require these items to be delivered quickly. Due to this 98% of our educational furniture orders are delivered within ten days. For further information about the range of educational furniture we offer, or to enquire about the 30 day payment terms we offer on invoice accounts for nurseries, primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, NHS organisations and government bodies, a member of our technical team can be contacted by calling: 0161 474 1200. Alternatively, we can be contacted by email at:

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