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iPad, Tablet & Apple Security Stands & Mounts

Tablet Security and Apple Security Options

iPad2 Lockable Security Clear Case with stand

Our range of iPad security options includes a number of Maclocks products, that provide a cost-effective and convenient solution for securing your iPad. There's security for every iPad model and size, from the original iPad to the iPad Pro! Find an iPad Point of Sales security system that's right for you, with a huge variety of different mounting options, such as floor stands, wall mounts and portable security.

iPad mini Space Enclosure and Floor Stand

Additionally, our range of iPad and tablet security options also includes a number of optional extras, so you can customise each product according to your needs. These include additional charging cables to allow device charging within the enclosure, anchor points for security cables and many more!

Maclocks Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Security Enclosure Wall Mount – Black

In addition to our products for iPads, we also have a selection of products for securing other popular android & windows tablets, including Samsung Galaxy Tab security stands and kiosks.

Maclocks ATVEN73 High Protection Apple TV Security Mount

Mounts to secure your Apple TVs, ideal for fixing these units down in publicly accessible spaces like classrooms and lecture halls. Maclocks iMac Maximum Security Plate Lock with Swivel Plate for Apple iMac

Apple's iMac range is a very desirable product; secure your investment with our range of iMac clamps, plates & stands

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Diverse iPad Security And Apple Security Options From JP-UK

When using iPads and tablets, whether it be in a commercial environment or in an educational setting, it is important to ensure that they are secure. This measure not only prevents theft, it also ensures that these items are fully insured. Increasingly, local authorities are taking the policy that if these items are not secured then they are not insured. In order to provide this security JP-UK offers their clients and customers a diverse range of Apple security, iPad security and tablet security options.

For further information about any of the products included in our range of iPad security and tablet security options, or to request further information about individual product specifications, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 0161 474 1200. Alternatively, email based enquiries can be sent to us at:

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