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Store and Charge Chromebooks

Netbook & Chromebook Security Transporters

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LapSafe Netbook Travellers

Effortless transportation, safe storage and easy charging of your netbooks and chromebooks isn't something you should be missing out on, right? Fortunately we have a range of Netbook and Chromebook Transporters that covers it all. LapSafe Travellers are smart and stylish devices, and would fit in any office or school environment. With the ability to store and transport up to 16 of your netbooks and chromebooks, convenience is at your fingertips. Use our handy maximum size guide on each product to make sure your electronics will fit in your new transporter.

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Loxit Chromebook Transporters

We have more than one brand to choose from, though. Take a look at Loxit Travellers, with their great reputation in the business and offering up to 20 bays of storage in a waterproof, dustproof and crush proof case? And at JP-UK you can trust that when you purchase a Netbook and Chromebook Transporter, you'll never pay anything but a fair price.

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If you have any questions about our range of Netbook and Chromebook Transporters for schools, colleges, universities and education, you can contact a member of our knowledgeable technical team on: 0161 474 1200. Alternatively, you can email us at:

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