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Visualiser Accessories

Universal Visualiser Lightbox

We stock a variety of Visualiser Accessories at JP-UK. Visualiser Accessories give you the ability to take your Visualiser and Document Camera experience even further. With the accessories you can turn your Visualiser into a microscope, control your Visualiser remotely, replace your power adapter or secure your Visualisers and Document Cameras in safe storage units.

One of our must have Visualiser and Document Camera Accessories is the Optoma DC5BAG Document Camera Carry Bag which is used for allowing you to carry all the accessories i.e. cables, remote and power adaptor plus the DC550 or DC554 in one hand, as well as being easy to pack away and keep all in one place.

what is a visualiser document camera

Incredibly Low prices On Our Visualiser Accessories Range

Customers will be pleased to know we have a wide range of Visualiser Accessories which can be afforded by all budgets. For more information about the range of visualisers and document cameras we offer, or for details about functionality or model specifications, feel free to contact a member of our technical team by calling: 0161 474 1200. We can also be contacted by email at:

With a Visualiser, you can display many things - click for more

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