AV Over IP and Extender Kits

AVoverIP - Audio Visual Over Internet Protocol Kits and Modules

Offering AV cables over long distances can be difficult due to max cable range, signal drop, and/or interference. With an Audio Visual Over Internet Protocol Extender Kit your HDMI range can be increased to up to 200 metres by converting HDMI into Ethernet HDBaseT™ and back to HDMI after the distance has been achieved.

What if you want to send the same or multiple signals to multiple places, or even create a video wall over distance? BluStream Multicast is a very popular AV-over-IP solution for creating large Audio Visual Networks by using 1 and 10 Gigabit Switches as a backbone. Simply place a BluStream IP250UHD-TX IP Multicast UHD Video Transmitter near your video source and connect into network switch and then use as many BluStream IP250UHD-RX IP Multicast UHD Video Receiver over your network switch to relay the video. It also supports USB (for keyboards or touchscreens) too and is great for video walls wanting to show different images across the panel but also join up the image too.

Blustream Extender Kit

HDBaseT™ Extender Kits

With a HDBaseT™ Extender Kit your HDMI can be increased to up to 120 metres by converting HDMI into Ethernet HDBaseT™ and back after the distance has been achieved.

Mutlicast Transmitter & Receivers

Multicast Transmitters & Receivers

Multicast Receivers and Multicast Transmitters is a very popular solution for large AV Networks using 10 Gigabit Switches as a backbone. Some multicast also support USB allowing for keyboards or touchscreens.

HDBaseT Matrix

HDBaseT™ Matrix

Using Blustream HDBaseT™ Matrix you can ingest many different HDMI inputs and send them over HDBaseT™ to compatible Receivers, allowing you to choose which input goes where up to 40-70 Metres away.

Extender Kit

HDBaseT™ Transmitters

HDBaseT™ Transmitters allow you to transmit an AV signal through Ethernet cables to run cable long distance up to 70 Metres in most cases for 1080p and 40 Metres for 4K.

HDBaseT Receiver

HDBaseT™ Receiver

With a HDBaseT™ Converter, Convert your signal into a transmission over a standard LAN network being able to extend HDMI and VGA inputs up to 100m

Wall Plate

Wall Plate Transmitters & Receivers

With the Blustream HDBaseT™ Wall Plate Receivers/Transmitters it enables easy cable access to AV equipment along large cable runs while being fixed in place and secure.

Dante Audio Converter

Dante® Converter/Encoder/Amplifier

Blustream Dante® can be used for multiple things, such as the purpose of decoding a Dante® digital signal, Encoding unbalanced or balanced 2ch analogue audio to Dante®.

Netgear M4250 Network Switches - Directly designed for use with AV-Over-IP

Get your Network Switch for use with AV-over-IP from the Netgear M4250 Network Switch range, designed directly for use with Audio Visual with special profiles for NVX, SVSI, Q-SYS and Dante video profiles can be easily assigned to ports as needed alongside Netgear's IGMP Plus™ enabling instant multicast functionality for most AV over IP installations.

Netgear AV-Over-IP Banner

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