Signage Type
  1. Standard (24)
  2. System-on-Chip (2)
  1. Full HD - 1080p (18)
  2. Ultra HD - 4K (8)
Brightness cd/m²
  1. 350 cd/m² (12)
  2. 410 cd/m² (1)
  3. 450 cd/m² (4)
  4. 500 cd/m² (4)
  5. 700 cd/m² (5)
  1. 3 Year (26)
Usage Rating
  1. 16/7 (7)
  2. 18/7 (4)
  3. 24/7 (15)
Contrast Ratio
  1. 1100:1 (4)
  2. 1200:1 (5)
  3. 1300:1 (6)
  4. 1400:1 (2)
  5. 3000:1 (1)
  6. 4000:1 (6)
  7. 5000:1 (2)
  1. Panasonic (26)
Internal Media Player
  1. Yes (26)
Mount or Stand Included
  1. No (26)
Fitted Speakers
  1. Built In 10w (1)
  2. Built In 20w (25)
Display Orientation
  1. Portrait & Landscape (23)
  2. Landscape Only (3)
Tile Matrix
  1. Yes (2)
  2. No (24)
SignageLive Compatible
  1. No (26)
Screen Ratio
  1. 16:9 Widescreen (26)
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Panasonic Large Format Displays & Digital Signage

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Panasonic Professional Large Format Displays

Panasonic Large Format Display

Panasonic are a well respected manufacturer providing a varied range of Professional Displays ready for any signage environment. They provide strong imagery coupled with high brightness displays and digital signage displays which can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each and every Panasonic display offers reliability with usage rates guaranteed and available from 16/7 up to 24/7 if you want to convey your content non-stop. The technology used inside these panels ensures that the display is sufficiently bright to be seen from a variety of angles using either IPS or VA panels. Most of the displays also include a built in USB media player to help you get up and running with minimal effort and time needed.

Panasonic Digital Signage Display

Our series of Panasonic Professional Displays has panels bright enough for shop windows and feature failover and failback to ensure your display continues to show your content no matter what. Simply plug a USB in or alternative content source and if the original main source fails, it will automatically swap to the next available source. One display that features a huge 700 nitt brightness with 5000:1 contrast ratio is the TH-80SF2HW Panasonic Digital Signage, make use of the 24/7 operation to get your message across at every possible opportunity. If you're not after a high brightness display why not consider the TH-84EF1W/E Large Format Display which features a built in USB media player and local network control to manage your display.

Have A Question About The Panasonic Digital Signage Range?

If you have a question or require further information about the range of Panasonic Large Format Displays, please contact a member of our friendly team on: 0161 474 1200. Alternatively, you can email us at:

Please Note: All images & product information, specification, details, and, if applicable, dimensions, are supplied by the manufacturer, and are for illustration / reference purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy of the information portrayed on this page, the package contents will prevail.