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We Offer a Wide Range of Video Walls to Suit Every Kind Of Need

Samsung Video Wall Display

We a diverse selection of Video Wall Screens to be used to create your video wall whether it's the standard 2 x 2 video wall or something a bit more out there such as staggered arrangements. We offer the best brands around from Samsung to LG, we have the right screen for you. Our range includes displays ranging from 46'' up to 55'', these can operate anywhere from 16 hours a day up to always on 24 hour displays. Choose what features you need to power the display such as system-on-chip or use an external player to drive the display. The Samsung Video Wall Display is one of many displays which feature DisplayPort / HDMI Daisy Chain Support which can display and split your media content to each display without a computer or splitter connected up to 5 x 5 screens.

LG Video Wall

We stock LG Video Wall Displays which are fitted with IPS (In-Plane-Switching), this offers a superior viewing angle combined with much lower temperatures when in operation. If you want to make an impact on your customers while keeping external media players, computers and switches away, consider the 49 inch SMART Video Wall Display, which uses it's built-in SoC, each display plays its video tile without lag for synchronized content playback. Perfect for the SMART and easy setup!

Video Wall Mounts

We support your video wall installation Video Wall Controllers and Video Wall Mounts & Stands including micro adjustable solutions to find the perfect fit.

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