Signage Type
  1. System-on-Chip (10)
  1. Ultra HD - 4K (10)
Brightness cd/m²
  1. 505 cd/m² (2)
  2. 620 cd/m² (8)
  1. 3 Year (10)
Usage Rating
  1. 24/7 (10)
Contrast Ratio
  1. 3500:1 (6)
  2. 4000:1 (1)
  3. 6000:1 (3)
  1. Sony (10)
Internal Media Player
  1. Yes (10)
Mount or Stand Included
  1. No (10)
Fitted Speakers
  1. Built In 20w (10)
Display Orientation
  1. Portrait & Landscape (10)
Tile Matrix
  1. No (10)
SignageLive Compatible
  1. No (10)
Screen Ratio
  1. 16:9 Widescreen (10)
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Sony BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays

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BRAVIA 4K Professional Signage Displays - Designed for Business

Sony Professional Display

Our Sony BRAVIA Professional Display range includes the new BZ35-Series featuring ultra high definition 4K at 60P, up to 18Gbps, HDR10 HLG, Professional Mode, 24/7 Operation, embedded HTML5 Platform and Portrait Mode supported. These panels are perfect for a variety of business applications such as a Meeting Room Display, Digital Signage or even a modernised huddle space. They feature the capability of installing applications directly on to the display using its Android 7.0 system eliminating the need for any extra devices or players being plugged into your display. This makes it perfect for those wanting a quick and clean installation.

Included in the BRAVIA BZ35-Series, we have a wide range of screen sizes from the 43 inch FW-43BZ35F Sony BRAVIA Professional Display up to the much larger 85 inch FW-85BZ35F Sony BRAVIA 4K Large Format Display.

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