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Items 1-40 of 68

Ceiling Mounts for Digital Signage Displays

Ceiling Mount

We supply a comprehensive range of Digital Signage Display Ceiling Mounts designed for use in shop windows, receptions and places where a ceiling mounting solution is required. Whatever display, you can count on us to supply the correct ceiling mount for your display or TV.

Find extendable ceiling mount poles in our range such as the Ceiling Mount which is offered with tilting features and at 58cm height drop which can be extended to 155cm, helping you to find the perfect height.

Peerless-AV Cable Mount

Get a unique look for store windows with the Peerless-AV Portrait Floor to Ceiling Cable Mount offering a discreet and unobtrusive design allowing you to mount the screen at a height of your choosing along the cable. You can also get this in landscape orientation too!

Expert Advice On Ceiling Mounts for Digital Signage Displays

For further information regarding the range of Digital Display Ceiling Mounts, or to enquire about model specifications, a member of JP-UK’s expert technical team can be contacted by calling: 0161 474 1200. Alternatively JP-UK can be contacted by email at:

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