Screen Fabric Type
  1. 3D (16)
  2. Acoustic Transparent (18)
  3. Cinema Grey (7)
  4. Cinema White (99)
  5. Matte White (1452)
  6. Rear Grey (79)
  7. Ultra HD (8)
Edge-to-Edge Fabric
  1. Yes (113)
  2. No (1567)
Rear or Front Projection
  1. Front Projection (1650)
  2. Rear Projection (130)
Tension System
  1. Non-Tensioned (1228)
  2. Fixed-Tensioned (285)
  3. Tab-Tensioned (267)
Manual or Electric
  1. Electric (903)
  2. Manual (842)

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  • Manual Screens
    Manually Operated Projector Screens
    From £41.90 ex. VAT
    Manual Screens View Now »
  • Electric Screens
    Raise or Lower The Screen From a Switch or Remote
    From £81.90 ex. VAT
    Electric Screens View Now »
  • Ceiling Recessed Screens
    Designed to be Fitted and Mounted into Ceiling Space
    From £415.90 ex. VAT
    Ceiling Recessed Screens View Now »
  • Fixed Frame Screens
    Perfect for Permanent Screen Installation
    From £134.90 ex. VAT
    Fixed Frame Screens View Now »
  • RapidFold & Fastfold
    Easily Assembled - Often in Less Than 10 Minutes Dependant on Size
    From £387.90 ex. VAT
    RapidFold & Fastfold View Now »
  • Floor Screens
    Great For Use in Areas Short of Available Space
    From £74.90 ex. VAT
    Floor Screens View Now »
  • Portable & Tripod
    Brilliantly Compact for Mobility and Accessibility
    From £52.90 ex. VAT
    Portable & Tripod View Now »
  • Outdoor Screens
    Brings Projection to Outdoor Venues and Spaces
    From £236.90 ex. VAT
    Outdoor Screens View Now »


Projector Screens for Home and Office Settings

Electric Projector Screens

Projector screens allow the user to easily convey information to large groups of people, like a class of pupils, or an audience of adults. They are effective in commercial settings as you can display data and information to an assembled audience in a boardroom or meeting room. JP-UK is a leading UK supplier of projector screens - we provide screens from prominent manufacturers such as Elite Screens, offering a vast range of all the different formats available, as well as alternative and replacement projector screen material for your existing screen. Why not start by browsing our great range of Electric Projector Screens?

Find the Right Projector Screen for Your Specific Requirements

Home Cinema Projector Screen

We have screens of every style - manual projector screens, electric projector screens, home cinema projector screens, folding projector screens, recessed ceiling projector screens, portable and floor projector screens and rigid fixed frame screens. Each category contains a wide variety of models from a number of globally leading manufacturers, including Sapphire projector screens, so it’s simple to find what you want.

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