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When you need to replace the lamp in your Philips Projector, look no further than JP-UK. We offer genuine Philips Projector Lamps, ensuring the very best performance you expect from your projector.

Should you want to keep costs to a minimum but still keep the performance of your Philips Projector, you may wish to consider a Genuine Option Projector Lamp for the Philips Projector. This is the same lamp as the Philips version with an alternative housing. We also offer compatible Projector Lamps to keep the cost to you even lower.

To find the right Philips Projector Lamp for your Philips Projector, simply select your projector from the list below and we will display the right lamp for you. Should you need any assistance in finding the right bulb for you, call a member of our friendly team on 0161 474 1200. Alternatively, you can email the team at:

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Philips Projector Lamps

At JP-UK, we supply both Genuine Manufacturer Projector Lamps & JP-UK Genuine Option Projector Lamps. Our range of Genuine Option Lamps use the same OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) lamp as the Genuine version and are endorsed by the lamp manufacturers themselves.

Why Choose a JP-UK Genuine Option lamp?

Great Stock, fast delivery

Best Price Guaranteed

Up to 2 Years Warranty

Available for 10,000+ models

25% Price Advantage

Endorsed by Philips, Osram & Usho

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