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SMARTBoard Interactive Whiteboard

The interactive whiteboards produced by Smart Technologies are proven to enhance learning for students, whilst also being innovative and easy to use. This ease of use enables teachers to quickly utilise and experience the innumerable benefits which Smart Technologies interactive whiteboards can bring to your classroom; bringing your subject matter to life, engaging and entertaining pupils simultaneously. Why not try the SMARTBoard Interactive Whiteboard with SMART Notebook and 3 year's SMART Advantage Subscription? Smart Technologies interactive whiteboards enable teachers to deliver hands on learning exercises to their classrooms. Providing both teachers and pupils with the ability to write, erase and perform mouse functions with the touch of a finger.

JP-UK Provides Unrivalled Value For Money on Interactive SMARTBoards

SMARTBoard Widescreen Interactive Whiteboard

As a leading supplier of Interactive SMARTBoards to schools and colleges in the UK, we feel that these products should be both practical and affordable. Due to this we provide a vast range of Smart Technologies Interactive Whiteboards to meet your specific requirements. In order to provide exceptional value for money a number of our models come with the award winning Notebook software and projectors, including the SMARTBoard Widescreen Interactive Whiteboard.

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We accept Google Checkout and Paypal, Verified by Visa & Mastercard Securecodeschool orders welcomed