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AVer F50 Visualiser

Bring your lessons to life with a classroom Visualiser from AVer. By purchasing an AVer Visualiser you get a digital presentation tool that is ideal for use in an educational environment and in business settings. As well as providing an astounding level of high quality image, they are also equipped with highly advanced technology. Whether you’ll be using your Visualisers and Document Cameras within the classroom for lessons, in a seminar or business meetings by integrating AVer Visualisers into your set-up you can experience extraordinary quality and features.

The Visualisers produced by AVer offer unique capabilities including on-board annotation, one touch video recording and standalone, uncomplicated wireless operations. The AVer F70W Visualiser with flexible arm and wireless transmission allows you to maximize the effectiveness of any presentation or lesson.

JP-UK Provide Unbeatable Value On The AVer Visualiser and AVer Document Camera Range

AVer TabCam iPad Visualiser

AVer Visualisers are a key part of every classroom, revolutionising the entire learning process. The use of a Visualiser or Document Camera in schools enables teachers to easily and effectively convey all information to the whole class. With impressive zoom capabilities, vivid image quality, flexibility and portability, the AVer F17HD+ Visualiser brings interaction with both students and teachers. Whilst in a business setting these Visualisers allow for data to be effortlessly displayed during meetings and seminars, seamlessly and effectively.

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New Software Downloads for Aver Visualisers

Sphere Software

FREE Sphere2 Software

View, control and adjust visualizer images using a PC or Mac.

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AVerVision Flash Plug-in Software

AVerVision Flash Plug-in

Integrate your visualizer with your favorite interactive whiteboard software.

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A+ PowerPoint Plug-in Software

A+ Plug-in for PowerPoint

Work with live visualizer images and helpful tools directly in PowerPoint.

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