Video Wall FAQ

I want to make a Single Picture Video Wall

This can be relativity easily achieved. A single input source for example could be just one media player. You would normally connect this into your display to see the entire image. Luckily, most of our Video Walls have a daisy chain feature which sends the content across all each screens via daisy-chaining inputs to enlarge your video from one display to across multiple displays. With this method, you cannot control the picture on each individual display. Please note: If your video content is Full HD or Ultra HD, it will appear correct at 16:9 Aspect Ratio for example 2x2 or 3x3 will show the same aspect ratio but a 3x1 video wall would overstretch your content. Talk to us for more information

I want to make a multiple input 2x2 Video Wall

You have different input sources – This could be media players or computers, but you want the have the control to switch content between individual displays or back to a normal 2x2 full screen layout. The image below shows an animated example of having control of each display.

Video Wall Picture Control

I want to make a creative Video Wall with Picture Control

These kind of video walls can come off the shelf, but most likely it will have to be custom built with modular input and output cards added to a controller. To get the most cost-effective solution please get in touch with our team either via or call our experts on 0161 474 1200.

4x4 4K Video Wall Picture Controller