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Nuwco iPad Security Trolleys Protect Your Valuable Devices

Nuwco PlasTab iPad Security Trolley

Nuwco’s iPad and Tablet Trolley series was designed to build on the way that people work and learn to shake up the entire classroom experience. Please take time to view our varied range of Nuwco iPad Security Trolleys. The range includes some incredible models such as the Nuwco iPad Security Trolley PlasTab, which stores up to 32 of your iPads and Tablet devices, that's a whole class worth! This trolley also has the capability of charging any of your devices that use a standard UK 3-Pin plug by utilising a very handy built-in power management system which comes with a customisable timer in order to reduce your carbon footprint and protect your building circuits.

Nuwco PlasTab Sync iPad Security Trolley

Nuwco Tablet Trolleys are created with ease of use in mind with non-conductive and anti-static build. With a huge increase in educational institutions and organisations, mainly schools – using Tablet and iPad Security Trolleys in the classroom lets you unlock many more capabilities compared to a conventional class. You can sync all of your devices together at the same time which is starting to become more and more essential in the modern learning environment. Another one of our incredible models is the Nuwco Tablet Security Trolley PlasTab 32 with charging and synchronisation. This trolley is budget friendly and easy to move. With 32 bays for your devices this Nuwco iPad Trolley caters for even the thickest tablet devices with ruggedized, bulky and armoured cases including the Otterbox and Griffin brands. This particular trolley can store your devices and synchronise all 32 iPads at the same time, all by one USB or Thunderbolt cable with Apple Configurator. This means you can keep all 32 devices backed up and charged at all times.

JP-UK Offer Great Prices And Deals On Our Nuwco iPad and Tablet Security Trolley Range

JP-UK is committed to providing our quality range of products to schools, colleges, universities and businesses at the most affordable prices. If you would like any more help on our range of Nuwco iPad and Tablet Security Trolleys, you can contact JP-UK on 0161 474 1200 to speak with one of our friendly experts. Alternatively, questions can be sent to us at:

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