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NAS and External Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives and Memory SD Cards

No matter where you are be it in the home, office or on the go, we need data storage devices for all the important files such as photos, videos and documents that we need on a day to day basis. There’s many different types of devices to choose from, an External Hard Drive will allow you to store your files on a high capacity drive with great portability due to their small size.

A USB Drive will provide even greater mobility with it being the same size as a thumb. If you’re looking to add extra storage for your phone or camera then an SD Card is ideal because they are compatible with almost all smart phones and can boost your total capacity to a massive 128GB. Network attached storage is the perfect overall solution to data storage. It works by connecting to your home or work network and then all devices including PCs, phones or tablets can read and write to the drive at the same time completely wirelessly. This enables you to have your own private cloud storage without any complicated online accounts.

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