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Worries Are A Thing Of The Past With A CompuCharge Laptop Security Trolley

CompuCharge TabCharge 15 Laptop Security Trolley

A UK company, CompuCharge build Laptop security trolleys that are high quality, functional and ergonomically designed. Put your worries aside with a CompuCharge trolley that will not only safely store, but also charge, your valuable devices. A good place to start would be the CompuCharge TabCharge 15 Laptop Security Trolley, able to store and charge up to 15 regular or widescreen laptops of any brand. Shelves are ventilated, and the cable management system ensures organisation of wires is no problem. Rounded corners are an ideal solution to avoid damage or injury when using or moving the trolley.

CompuCharge ChargeBox 30 Laptop Security Trolley

Another range of CompuCharge laptop security trolleys is the ChargeBox range. Take a look at the CompuCharge ChargeBox 30 Laptop Security Trolley. It's available in a range of attractive colours - great for making the trolley more accessible to children if used in education - and is fitted with heavy duty doors and anti-jack devices, so security will never be an issue. All CompuCharge products are delivered fully built and ready to use, so that's another possible stress factor removed! Use JP-UK's handy search facility to narrow down your results based on your specific criteria.

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At JP-UK we always try our hardest to supply our range to businesses, schools, colleges and universities at some of the best prices around. If you have any questions on our range of CompuCharge Laptop Security Trolleys, you can email us: Or why not ring us on 0161 474 1200, and chat with one of our expert staff?

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