Intel Compute Stick and BrightSign Digital Signage Player

The Intel Compute Stick is a tiny device the size of a pack of gum, and it can transform any display or HDMI TV into a complete computer! The BrightSign Media Player is a slightly bigger device which allows a display to become fully utilizable and controlled Digital Signage

With the Intel Compute Stick any device becomes immediately better, with a built in Intel® Core™ M processor you can create bedazzling presentations or control 4K Digital Signage. Plus combined with the fact that it has built in Wi-Fi and storage ability within the device you become immediately effective. Also, with built in Bluetooth 4.2 you can become completely wireless but with the exact same performance power.

Why is this so good for Digital Signage?

What makes the Intel Compute Stick so effective is purely the fact that it allows you to control Digital Signage like a computer. This is a great tool for anyone with Digital Signage and wants to quickly create and schedule eye-catching content such as photos or videos.

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The BrightSign Digital Signage Player is an amazing piece of kit that allows a display to become a fully usable and controlled Digital Signage by the BrightSign box. Plus with the ability to play media at a high quality is something that is great but not only that with a audio out jack on some of the BrightSign Media Players such as the HD223 this means that BrightSign Media Players are the ultimate device to play any media on your Digital Signage.

To further your BrightSign experience you could invest in the BrightSign Network. All BrightSign accounts are accessible by the user through two applications: BrightAuthor, a PC software application and BrightSign Network Web UI, a cloud system which is accessible from absolutely any browser.Buy Now