Commercial TVs, Hospitality TVs and Hotel TVs

Commercial and Hospitality TV's

Commercial and Hospitality TV’s are types of TV’s that you would typically find in hotels or in school receptions; they allow guests to feel at home with an extremely friendly interface.

What makes the Commercial TV’s so good?

It all down to the the fact that they are so cost-effective for the price they are available at. Plus, all of the TV’s come pre built with Free-view tuners so they are perfect for any guest as they can instantly watch the TV they are familiar with. This is what makes any Commercial TV ideal for use in a range of different settings.

However, the interface makes the TV’s ideal in hotel environments as throughout all of the TV’s, no matter the brand they have an extremely simple interface that is remarkably user-friendly and has an easy to access menu with clear guides on what to do to watch all your favorite shows.This makes it so that the Hotel TV range is perfect for anyone staying far away from home to still feel the same comfort that they have within their home environment. Some of our TV’s do have more outstanding features than others, for example, the Samsung Commercial TV range probably has the most sophisticated features out of the Hospitality TV collection. As the TV’s they provide all include the LYNK™ reach feature which means hundreds of TV’s can be controlled at once.