Video Wall Displays And Mounts

Video Wall Displays and Mounts

At JP-UK we have an extremely varied and expansive range of video walls from the top providers whether it is BenQ, Christie, LG, NEC, Panasonic, Phillips or Samsung we have what you are looking for.

Video walls are quickly becoming an almost necessary type of advertisement to have, especially in busy places such as the airport or shopping centres. Because video walls are so big it means that attention is drawn to them rather easily. In addition to this, some of the displays feature a daisy-chain function which can help connect displays together to produce a high-quality video wall. Not only that, but a few of the video walls come with anti-glare so that there is no loss of quality or distracting glares.

Not only do we just offer video walls, we offer video wall mounts and stands too, which are extremely useful to elevate your video wall and to help pop out the display for maintenance.

Plus, with the newer models some have ultra-narrow Bezels so that the display comes out a lot cleaner, an example of this type of video wall would have to be the LG LV35A series which feature extremely high-quality Video Wall Displays and is one of our more popular models.

However, here at JP-UK we don’t just limit your options we broaden them, and with a rather large range you’ll have plenty to choose from.