Tablet and iPad Security Trolleys

Keeping your iPad secure is extremely important, with these selected iPad trolleys security is no longer an issue. Locking mechanisms prevent anyone from gaining access to the devices inside. Security trolleys are a must for any educational environment.

zioxi 32 Bay iPad Security Trolley

When thinking about getting a security trolley for use in the classroom, the zioxi 32 Bay iPad Security Cart is something that must be considered, it is able to hold an impressive 32 iPad’s. The small compact nature of an iPad means that even though you can fit 32 iPad’s into the trolley it is still easily steerable through tight corridors. Not only can this trolley fit iPad’s, it can also fit most Android devices. Plus, with USB ports available devices that fit this port can be charged. The zioxi iPad Security Trolley is extremely cost effective and should be considered by anyone looking for an iPad trolley.
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LocknCharge 20 Bay Carrier20 Cart

Another viable option for use in the classroom is the LocknCharge Carrier20 Cart, this is an alternative option for schools who have more funds available because this can fit Chromebooks, iPad’s and Tablets. This Cart is extremely flexible in terms of the items it holds, also with a sliding lid it makes it so that it can be accessed by multiple people at the same time. Not only that but when the devices aren’t in use they can be charged up by the trolley as it has a charging point inside. In terms of security it is exceptionally secure with a two point locking system additionally the LocknCharge Carrier20 now has 5 slot new carry baskets which give the users the flexibility to deploy Chromebooks iPad’s or Tablet devices with ease.
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TabCabby Compact iPad Security Charging Trolley

For the schools which want a more compact charging trolley this is aimed at you, it is half of the size of similar models. However, it can only fit iPad’s and tablets up to 10″. The TabCabby iPad Security Charging Trolley is primarily for people who don’t have much space and need to store the iPad’s in a more compact area. The TabCabby Compact iPad Security Charging Cart has a unique way of preventing overheating by sequentially charging the iPad’s and providing air venting while the unit is locked and charging.

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