iPad 2017 Education Bundles

At JP-UK we allow our customers to build their own bundles should they desire or we have set options which are carefully crafted to meet the customers needs.

The amount available for these bundles range from 8 to 32 iPad’s, these bundles are specifically tailored for use in educational environments such as school classrooms. Our bundles consist of the brand new 2017 iPad model, with each of them having individual cases to help keep them secure, screen protectors for each iPad and a storage option to store and charge all of your devices while they aren’t being used.

Our iPad Bundles are perfect for any school, college or university and are completely customisable with your school colours to get matching cases. Simply select how many iPad’s you would like and enjoy tremendous savings on iPad accessories. If you are unsure about the best bundle to go for give us a ring and one of our employees would be glad to advise you!

Browse our catalog for the 2017 iPad for Education bundles and find the best solution for your educational institution.