Interactive Touchscreen Displays

Interactive Displays

Here at JP-UK we have a large and constantly expanding range of interactive touchscreen displays from all of the top providers whether it is SMART, Promethean, Samsung or BenQ we have anything you may desire.

Interactive Displays are an amazing piece of kit that makes any work a lot more seamless, we here at JP-UK are one of the leading suppliers of Interactive Touchscreens¬†to schools and colleges in the UK. Our selection of Interactive Displays include the most popular choices for classrooms such as SMART’s SMART Board, Promethean’s ActivPanel and CTouch Laser Air Displays.

What Do We Recommend?


For teachers SMART Technologies is definitely a brand that you will be aware of, their reputation generally proceeds them. SMART are always a great choice for any classroom the fact that with these boards in the classroom it is proven that student engagement goes up. They come in a wide range of sizes so no matter how big your classroom is, these boards will always fit in.