Chromebooks For Education

Chromebooks for Education

At JP-UK we offer a wide and varied range of Chromebooks, whether you want smaller screens or larger screens we have what you are looking for.

Chromebooks are an astonishing piece of equipment, one that is quickly becoming almost necessary for use in schools, not only are the Chromebooks remarkably light but they have incredible battery life. The reason that Chromebooks are so widely used in education is not only because of these features but the fact that your students within your school, college or university would each be eligible for Google for Education! Google Classroom and G-Suite is also included within the Google for Education bundle.

Acer, HP and Lenovo are the three different brands of Chromebooks we offer and each bring their own distinct polished look to the Chromebook design. All of these Chromebooks boast an impressive screen size and extremely fast CPU’s to perform tasks quicker. Alongside this, Chromebooks have an extremely high resolution so that you can see images and videos much clearer.

The most potent of all the Chromebooks is definitely the Acer Chromebook range probably because of sheer sleekness of the design and how truly portable it is, nevertheless a HP Chromebook will be just as adequate.