Why Choose AVer Visualisers From JP-UK?

Due to the extensive selection of brands which produce visualisers it can be difficult to choose a particular brand. JP-UK advocate AVer visualisers for the following reasons…

Over their extensive years of operation, AVer have earned a reputation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of presentation devices including visualisers. AVer Visualisers provide a wide range of applications and are high performance presentation devices which are widely used in the following fields: Educational, Scientific, Medical, Corporate and Government. One of the key attributing factors for this popularity is that Aver document cameras are easy to use and provide the best viewing specifications available on the market.

In addition AVer visualisers can be used to perform the following functions:

  • Display 3D objects, including prototypes, models and plants.
  • 2D objects can be easily and effectively displayed. These objects include: photos, music sheets, text in a book or document and diagrams.
  • Visualisers which are equipped with a light box can be used to display acetate sheets like a projector.
  • Moving objects, such as chemical reactions and live animals, can be displayed in real time.
  • If a visualiser is connected to a computer it can be used to capture and save images for use at a later date.

JP-UK are a leading supplier of AVer visualisers within the UK. For further information or to enquire about specifications, you can contact a member of our technical team on: 0161 474 1200.