Sanyo Projector Lamps From JP-UK Provide Excellent Image Quality

Utilising branded projector lamps such as those from Sanyo enables you to gain the optimum image quality from your projector whilst ensuring your warranty remains valid.

Projectors are a widely used item in both the educational and commercial environment. However from time to time the lamps on these items expire due to their finite life expectancy. This can often occur unexpectedly, due to this owners can rush to replace their projector lamps. The haste with which owners of projectors wish to replace their lamps and bulbs can lead to cutting corners financially and selecting imitation and unbranded bulbs.

Imitation and unbranded projector lamps and bulbs are often of inferior quality resulted in a shorter life expectancy than their branded counterparts. Additionally these bulbs can also cause the warranty on your projector to become void.

Sanyo are ranked as one of the top three leading manufacturer of projector lamps and bulbs in the UK based on volume of sales. Sanyo projector lamps have been designed and manufactured to provide optimum levels of image quality whilst also focussing on environmentally friendly solutions enabling you to reduce the carbon footprint of your organisation.

JP-UK are a leading supplier of Sanyo projector lamps and bulbs to clients based in the UK. Due to this position we stock an extensive selection of these products, for further details you can contact a member of our expert sales team on: 0161 474 1200 or visit us online at