Bring Your Lessons to Life With Aver Visualisers From JP-UK

Aver visualisers provide teachers with an array of teaching options which enable them to add an interactive element to their lessons.

Visualisers, which are sometimes referred to as document cameras, enable a teacher to display a small item or image to the entire class via a projector and a PC. The educational possibilities which these items provide to the modern classroom are extensive. Namely visualisers enable teachers to effective display items to a class which would otherwise require pupils to congregate around a desk. This method of explanation is not only dated it is also disruptive to the attention spans of pupils whilst also wasting valuable lesson time which could be better spent.

Additionally, visualisers can also be used to immediately showcase students work to the class, pointing out areas where the individual pupil has excelled. Aver Visualisers excel over other brands due to the extensive selection of educational software included in their products. This software enables teachers to highlight specific areas of the projected image to demonstrate an important point, to view documents and even to record videos.

Another factor which makes Aver Visualisers ideal for use in the classroom setting is their price. These visualisers are not only easily affordable by the strained budgets of schools and colleges, they also come equipped with a warranty of between 2 and 5 years depending on the specific model.

JP-UK is a leading supplier of Aver Visualisers formerly known as AverMedia Visualisers to schools and colleges based in the UK. For further information about the models included in our range you can speak directly to a member of our expert technical team on: 0161 474 1200.