Interactive LED Displays: The Cheaper Option For Classrooms

The technological innovations of the last 20 years have drastically changed the face of teaching. Whereas previously teachers had to laboriously write each part of the lesson out word by word on a blackboard. Now due to technological advancements lessons can easily be taught utilising products including interactive whiteboards and Interactive LED Displays.

Whilst interactive whiteboards are commonplace in classrooms across the UK their LED counterparts are not. Many teaching and governing boards are sceptical of utilising LED educational boards due to the supposed cost incurred. However when the two products are compared financially Interactive Touchscreen LED Displays are the cheaper option.

With LEDs there are only two costs to be overcome, the cost of purchase and the cost of installation; whereas whiteboards also have the previously mentioned costs and additional costs including a projector, a projector mount and speakers for the whiteboard.

Not only are LED displays the cheaper option but they also provide a higher quality screen image. LED Touchscreen boards use commercial grade LEDs which deliver rich colours and pin sharp images and text. Interactive whiteboards on the other hand typically provide a poor contrast and over all colour gamut, which results in a diminished viewing experience for the end user.

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