Using Visualisers in Schools

Visualisers for education are a way for teachers to use their projectors to get an enhanced range of functionality and have a more dynamic application of digital presentation in the classroom.

At heart, a visualiser – or document camera as they are also known – is a specialised motion camera connected to a projector allowing for close and interactive inspection of an array of learning materials, from images and text, right through to 3D objects to really bring a lesson to life.

Common applications of visualisers can include:

  • Show the whole class an example of work

  • Allow pupils to read leaning support materials without the need for individual copies

  • Live demonstration of a piece of work in real time.

  • If you connect to a computer with specific visualiser software, you can have all manner of interactive functions including slow motion, time-lapse, split-screen mirrored images.

To find out more about which make and model is best suited to your specifications, JP-UK’s visualiser comparison guide gives you the full break down to help you make an informed choice.

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