Maintenance of Projector Lamps 101

JP-UK are a trusted supplier to education establishments in the UK and beyond with a range of digital projection products, including projectors through to projector lamps and bulbs.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients get the most from their investment in projection equipment. JP-UK’s genuine alternative projector lamps offer an affordable alternative to the branded models of replacement projector lamps.

In addition, here are some handy tips for how you can get the better lifespan from your projector lamps:

  • Ensure to give your projector plenty of time to cool down after use and make sure you don’t move the projector unit as this could damage or even blow the bulb.

  • Regular cleaning of the projector filter is an important process to stop the lamp overheating.

  • Always check the manufacturer’s manual to learn how to replace the bulb as they can be susceptible to damage if handled incorrectly.

  • The majority of new projectors have an eco-mode setting, which not only improves energy efficiency, but also helps reduce the strain on the projector lamp and bulb.

If you’d like further information from our experts on projector lamps, you can visit JP-UK’s projector lamp FAQ section.

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