Interactive Whiteboards Vs. Interactive Displays

If you are considering whether to purchase Interactive Touchscreen Displays or Interactive Whiteboards for your school, educational support specialists JP-UK provide a comparison to help you make the right choice.

Display: The commercial grade LCD or LED technology used by Interactive Displays provides a much clearer and sharper image than Interactive Whiteboards, which rely on the poorer contrast and colour of data projectors.

Cost: Interactive Displays may seem like the more expensive option off first glance, but this doesn’t tell the entire story. While they are more costly in terms of initial outlay, the additional and ongoing costs of the projector needed to operate the Interactive Whiteboard make them less cost effective in the long run.

Backlight Life: The data projectors used with Interactive Whiteboards are often associated with wear of lamps and bulbs, whereas Interactive Displays have a minimum backlight life of over 50,000 hours.

Maintenance: Data projectors used for Interactive Whiteboards will require maintenance as the filters need to be cleaned to ensure optimum performance. In contrast, Interactive Displays require little maintenance beyond cleaning the screen occasionally.