All the Info on Interactive Touchscreen Displays

LCD and LED touchscreen display screens are fast becoming a hugely popular collaboration tool for education and business organisations due to their high performance and versatility.

Here are some of the benefits of LCD and LED display screens when compared against interactive whiteboards:

  • High Performance
    The cross-media application and functionality of interactive touchscreen displays compared to other presentation equipment – such as interactive whiteboards – means they are best in class; literally.
  • Cost efficiency
    Other presentation equipment often comes saddled with additional costs and equipment. With interactive whiteboards you also need to factor in the costs of the projector, speakers, and replacement projector lamps/bulbs. LED and LCD display screens have no ongoing beyond the initial price and installation.
  • High quality images
    Interactive LCD or LED Display Screens operate using state of the art technology to provide colour-rich and sharp images, offering you the best clarity and focus when presenting to a group.
  • Zero maintenance
    Interactive LCD and LED displays require little or no maintenance beyond cleaning the screen, whereas the projectors needed for using interactive whiteboards require regular maintenance, such as checking and replacing bulbs and cleaning of the air filters.

For a full breakdown on the benefits of interactive LCD and LED screens, JP-UK have created a detailed interactive display guide.