Why choose Interactive LCD / LED Touch Screen Displays – Part Two

Extended Backlight Life

The latest LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or LED (Light Emitting Diode) Interactive Displays have a minimum backlight life of 50,000 hours over ten times a typical data Projector. No parts ever need replacing during this time.

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However data Projectors are notorious for wearing Projector Lamps out, which are expensive to replace and time consuming to fit. Furthermore the image quality degrades over time to a point where even changing the lamp will not restore the original image quality.

Truly Portable and Calibration Free

Interactive Displays when mounted on a trolley are easily moved and set-up in any area without any need for re-calibration, therefore any area can be transformed to an interactive presentation space with a minimum of fuss.

Interactive Whiteboards however need re-calibrating often, even when fixed in a classroom. Portable units take longer to set-up and the calibration can easily drift from one room location to another.

Working in Bright Rooms

LCD or LED Interactive Displays can work in natural daylight or brightly lit rooms without the need to pull blinds or reduce the lighting. This ensures the audience can work in their natural environment.

Unlike Interactive Whiteboards which often have to be used with blinds drawn or lights dimmed simply to allow the audience to be able to see the screen. This can lead to distraction and a poor working environment for the audience.

Zero Maintenance

The LCD or LED Interactive Displays require no user maintenance at all, apart from the occasional glass clean. Furthermore they will run silently with no fan noise to distract the audience.

Data Projectors however require constant user maintenance with the filters needing regular cleaning to retain optimum performance. The fan noise can be a distraction, more so on warmer days when it has to work even harder.

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