Interactive Touchscreen Displays – The Benefits

The advancement in LCD and LED display screens has developed to see them being increasingly popular for use as a collaboration tool in the likes of education and business establishments.

Their functionality and multi-media application of interactive touchscreen displays make them and high performance alternative to other presentation equipment such as interactive whiteboards.

Here we run you through three main benefits of LCD and LED display screens compared with interactive whiteboards:

  • High definition display

    Interactive Display Screens operate using LCD or LED display which offer extremely sharp, colour rich images which provides fantastic clarity of your presentation materials to a group.
  • Running Costs
    The purchase of interactive whiteboards aren’t the only costs, you need to consider the costs of projectors, speakers and their installation, not to mention the replacement of projector lamps and bulbs with usage. Interactive display screens have only two costs; initial purchase and installation, meaning no ongoing costs.
  • Zero maintenance
    Data projectors require regular maintenance, notably with regular cleaning of the air filters and checking and replacing bulbs, whereas interactive LCD and LED displays require no maintenance beyond cleaning the screen.

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