Genuine Alternative Lamps Get You More

As a specialist provider of projection equipment to educational establishments across the UK and Europe, at JP-UK we pride ourselves on helping our clients get the most from their investment.

JP-UK genuine alternative projector lamps  are a high quality, cost-efficient alternative to branded replacement projector lamps, and are compatible with projectors from all of the leading brands.

Here are some JP-UK top tips on how to get more for your money on projector lamps:

  • Always allow your projector time to cool down after use to help prolong the life of your projector bulb. Also ensure you don’t move the projector while cooling as this can risk damage to the bulb.
  • Make sure you clean your projector filter regularly to avoid your projector bulb overheating.
  • Most modern projectors have an eco mode which is great to help you get more from your lamps and bulbs.
  • Never cover your projector’s fan as this can lead to overheating. It’s advisable to give your projector a space of 2/3 ft from a surface or wall.
  • The housing and glass within projector lamps is extremely fragile so you must be very careful when handling them. Always make sure you consult the manual to find out exactly how to handle them.

With these tips and our projector lamps, JP-UK can always help to save you money with projector lamps.