Considering Security for iPads in Education

Many schools are making the decision to implement iPads and tablet devices in the classroom due to their fantastic application and versatility in assisting the learning process.

However, there are a number of considerations to ensure their implementation is as seamless as possible. As a leading provider of tablets and Apple technology for education establishments, JP-UK are ideally placed to security considerations for your iPads and tablet devices:

Protecting your investments from theft or damage is often a premium concern to many schools when integrating tablets into the classroom. iPad desktop storage solutions are the ideal way to give you peace of mind that your tablet devices will be safe and secure when not in use.

Tablet and iPad security and synchronisation modules are the perfect solution to allay any security concerns by giving you a system for fleet management of tablets and iPads that not only offer secure storage, but also functional benefits such as charging and synchronising multiple devices overnight.

Mobile iPad security trolleys are a great alternative if you do not have designated space for a storage unit. Offering storage, charging and synchronisation, tablet & iPad trolleys can provide storage for as many as 60 iPads, and many of these units also offer added security measures including temperature controls, anti-jemmy plates and surge protection.

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