Benefits of Interactive LCD / LED Touch Screen Displays – Part One

High Definition Display

The latest interactive touch screen displays use a commercial grade LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or LED (Light Emitting Diode) display which is capable of displaying colour rich, pin sharp images and text, making the screen a lot clearer and easier to view.

Unlike interactive whiteboards which rely on data projectors which typically have poor contrast and overall colour gamut, resulting in a diminished viewing experience for the end user, that gets progressively worse as the lamp wears.

Cost of Ownership and Running Costs

With the latest Interactive Display screens you only have two costs – the screen itself and the installation involved in setting up your screen. There are no maintenance fees involved or any need to buy more equipment to work with. Even though Interactive Whiteboards look like the cheaper solution, they actually turn out to cost more to set up and run and also maintain.

Unlike the latest Interactive Displays, you cannot just buy an Interactive Whiteboard and away you go. You also need to purchase a Projector, a mount to secure your Projector, Speakers to work with your Interactive Whiteboard and installation costs for it all. You will also have to purchase expensive lamps for use in your Projector as well as other ongoing maintenance costs.

No Body Shadow or Bright Lights

The technology for LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or LED (Light Emitting Diode) Interactive Displays transmits the light from the panel eliminating all the body shadow distraction and no need for users to avert their eyes from the bright lamp.

Interactive Whiteboards always have some degree of body shadow, even with ultra short-throw Projectors, which can distract the presenter and audience. Presenters also have to avoid the bright Projector Lamp when passing in front of the unit.

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