Safe And Secure and A Whole Lot More

To many organisations – from education, business to healthcare – iPad and Tablet devices are an increasingly important and integrated part of core daily operations.

In spite of this, the process of storage and security of a fleet of multiple devices used by different people across an organisation can be difficult to manage.

There is help at hand. At JP-UK there are various solutions to help you not only safely store your tablets, but also charge and sync multiple devices in the process.

The range at JP-UK includes:

  • Tablet / iPad Static Storage Modules
    The static tablet & iPad lockers available from JP-UK can be desk mounted and provide options to store, charge and sync a range of devices. They are compatible with iPad, iPad2, iPad3, iPad 4 with Retina Display, iPad mini and other tablet devices.
  • Tablet / iPad Charging & Synchronisation Cases
    These robust tablet and iPad charging cases allow you to keep your devices batteries charged on the move, with some models also including the ability to synchronise devices while they are safely stored.

At JP-UK, all public sector organisations including nurseries, primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, NHS and government bodies are approved for 30-day payment terms on mobile security trolleys and an extensive range other support products.

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