BrightSign Digital Signage Players

BrightSign Digital Signage Player

BrightSign Digital Signage Players are a perfect solution for displaying the messages you want your customers, staff or visitors to see. The global market leader in digital signage media players you can trust BrightSign players to be up to the task.

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Shark Proof Screen Protector for Tablets


  Shark Proof really is the future of Screen Protection technology. Shark Proof uses nanotechnology and manipulation of atomic structures. They have created a glass surface which bonds with your existing glass surface to create a screen protector, it works exactly how your traditional screen protector would work!

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Create your own iPad Bundle at JPUK


We offer you a selection of pre-built iPad bundles. In our bundles you can choose how many tablets you want and what storage/accessories to go with them. You can select a range of iPad models as well as a variety of supporting hardware including screen protectors and cases to ensure a longer life for your devices.

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