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LapSafe iPad & Tablet Security Cabinets

Ultimate iPad and Tablet Protection from LapSafe at JP-UK

The LapSafe security cabinet range features a new indigo colour scheme, with aluminium look trim panels, and secure aluminium shutter doors. An in-house developed, secure locking system will keep your devices safe and out of harm’s way. For example, the IndigoWall CS Pro is a great storage solution thanks to charge and sync features as well as low profile design. Automatic full rate charging for USB devices is provided using LapSafe's auto detection system, ensuring that your devices are charged safely and in the quickest possible time.

If your looking for a strong and robust storage unit that doesn't take up too much room, the IndigoDesk is a great choice. The IndigoDesk with its small footprint is one of the most space effective ways to store and charge your devices. Placing your devices in the unit could not be easier with quick access and neat cable management of the charging leads. Suitable for use in locations such as: offices, hospitals, classrooms and IT Support areas, IndigoDesk provides a perfect solution for managing your devices.

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