Plexi Shields & Hand Sanitizers

Diagonal Image Size
  1. 55” (inch) (2)
  2. 65” (inch) (2)
  3. 75” (inch) (3)
  4. 86” (inch) (3)
Integrated Whiteboard
  1. Yes (10)
Display Type
  1. Wall Display (10)
Touch Technology
  1. Infrared (10)
Software Included
  1. Oktopus (10)
  1. Ultra HD - 4K (10)
Total Touch Points
  1. 10 Point (3)
  2. 20 Point (7)
Contrast Ratio
  1. 1100:1 (2)
  2. 1200:1 (7)
  3. 5000:1 (1)
  1. BenQ (10)
OPS Slot
  1. Yes (10)
Built In Wi-Fi
  1. No (10)
Anti Glare
  1. Yes (10)
Internal Computer
  1. Android (10)
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BenQ Interactive Displays for Education

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BenQ’s Interactive Touchscreen RP & RM Series for Education

BenQ Display Education

BenQ Interactive Flat Panels offer classrooms a unique learning experience. Not only do they offer bright and clear visuals but also all RP & RM BenQ Interactive Displays come with three different types of software free for use with the display within education. Your lessons will be a breeze for both yourself and students when work is easily created digitally using the software such as Oktopus. Bring fun learning into the classroom with our best seller 65'' BenQ RM6502K Interactive Flat Panel, this offers Ultra High Definition, 10 point touch technology with Custom Android OS built in, a perfect combination.

BenQ Interactive Display Kids Classroom

Within the BenQ Interactive Display range, you can find sizes ranging from the mid-range 55'' to the giant 86'' and within this range the RP/RM series offer low-blu light technology helping to protect eyes, simply select the classroom setting on your display. Also the RP Series offer a custom Android OS that is preloaded with helpful apps for education from WPS Office to an Internet Browser, EZWrite and a Media Player. A popular display choice for schools is the 55'' BenQ Touchscreen Display, this offers 10 point touch technology and Ultra High Definition with Custom Android OS. Whichever size display you choose, rest assured BenQ offer a 5 Year De/Reinstall UK Warranty ensuring that should the unthinkable happen and your display breaks down, you will get a repair or replacement with minimal fuzz.

Have a Question About the BenQ Interactive Flat Panel Range?

If you have a question or require further information about the range of BenQ Touch Screen Displays, please contact a member of our friendly team on: 0161 474 1200. Alternatively, you can email us at:

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