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RAM Memory Size
  1. 4 GB (2)
Diagonal Image Size
  1. 11.6” (inch) (1)
  2. 14” (inch) (1)
Storage Capacity
  1. 16GB (1)
  2. 32GB (1)
  1. 1366 x 768 (1)
  2. 1920 x 1080 (1)
  1. HP (2)
Processor Family
  1. Intel (2)

HP Chromebooks For Education

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HP Chromebooks For Education - Crafted For Your Classroom

HP Chromebook

HP Chromebooks with ChromeOS offer lightning fast workspaces for your students. From starting up your HP Chromebook in seconds to the simple, fast and secure internet experience, you can always engage your students right away. HP Chromebooks offer great battery life, have in-built virus protection and update automatically helping to keep maintenance to a minimum. Every HP Chromebook, such as the 11 G5 is powered by Intel® CPUs, so you get the very best from your Chromebook for Education.

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Unbeatable Value on HP Chromebooks for Education at JP-UK

We are committed to making your HP Chromebook for Education available to educational institutions at the lowest possible prices. Due to this each model included in our range is included in our educational pricing scheme which offers exceptional savings. Further savings can be obtained by purchasing larger quantities of chromebooks starting from as low as 10 devices.

For further information about any of the models contained within our Chromebook product range, a member of our expert technical team can be contacted by calling: 0161 474 1200. Alternatively, email enquiries can be sent to us at: info@jp-uk.co.uk.

Please Note: All images & product information, specification, details, and, if applicable, dimensions, are supplied by the manufacturer, and are for illustration / reference purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy of the information portrayed on this page, the package contents will prevail.