Storage Capacity
  1. 16GB (2)
  2. 32GB (9)
  3. 64GB (2)
  1. Full HD - 1080p (5)
  2. 1366 x 768 (8)
  1. Acer (1)
  2. Asus (2)
  3. HP (5)
  4. Lenovo (5)
Processor Family
  1. AMD (6)
  2. Intel (5)
  3. MediaTek (2)
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  1. Acer (1)
  2. Lenovo (5)
  3. HP (5)
  4. ASUS (2)

Chromebooks for Education

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Designed & Built for Learning


Google Chromebooks for Education are ideal for the classroom alongside Google's G Suite for Education, an education suite full of tools for productivity and help to spur collaboration within classrooms. With a Chromebook for Education, you can find thousands of apps for collaboration including Google Classroom, a new tool which helps teachers create and organise assignments quickly, give feedback or communicate directly to students and much more.

Find the right Chromebook for your classroom or workshop with our range which includes entry level up to feature-rich touchscreen enabled Chromebooks. Our Best Seller is the Acer Chromebook range likely for their varied screen sizes and usability, however a Lenovo Chromebook are just as effective for your classroom. Whichever you choose, consider a management license, these make it easy for administrators to manage multiple devices with tasks such as implementing new changes, adding new devices and pushing software updates.

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Unbeatable Value on Chromebook for Education at JP-UK

We are committed to making Chromebooks for Education available to educational institutions at the lowest possible prices. Due to this each model included in our product range is included in our educational pricing scheme which offers exceptional savings. Further savings can be obtained by purchasing larger quantities of chromebooks starting from as low as 10 devices.

For further information about any of the models contained within our Chromebook product range, a member of our expert technical team can be contacted by calling: 0161 474 1200. Alternatively, email enquiries can be sent to us at:

Please Note: All images & product information, specification, details, and, if applicable, dimensions, are supplied by the manufacturer, and are for illustration / reference purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy of the information portrayed on this page, the package contents will prevail.