Diagonal Image Size
  1. 65” (inch) (1)
  2. 75” (inch) (1)
  3. 86” (inch) (1)
Integrated Whiteboard
  1. Yes (3)
Touch Technology
  1. Surface Light Wave (3)
  1. Ultra HD - 4K (3)
  1. 3 Year Warranty (3)
Total Touch Points
  1. 32 Point (3)
Contrast Ratio
  1. 1200:1 (3)
  1. CTouch (3)
OPS Slot
  1. Yes (3)
Built In Wi-Fi
  1. Yes (3)
Anti Glare
  1. Yes (3)
Display Type
  1. Wall Display (3)
Internal Computer
  1. Android (3)
VESA Patterns
  1. 400 x 400 (1)
  2. 600 x 400 (2)
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Enhance Your Meeting Experiences with a CTouch Interactive Touchscreen

CTouch in business

CTouch are a one of Europe's leading manufactures in the Interactive Touchscreen market since 2009 and today are seen as the gold standard. They offer ways for teams to effectively and efficiently work together with easy collaborative features including sharing, conferencing, annotating, and more! The boards support wireless screen sharing making it easy for up to 64 users to cast their device without delay.

There displays are versatile helping to cater for Business, Healthcare and the Public Sector. This explains why they have received numerous references over the years from the likes of Microsoft, BBC News, Sky News, Delft University of Technology and Disney to name a few. Take the 75'' Leddura 2Share Meeting Room Touchscreen, this offers 32 Point Touch Technology and packed full of technology to get your team working together more efficiently.

Got a Question About CTouch Meeting Room Touchscreen?

If you have a question or require further information regarding the CTouch Touchscreen Display range, please contact a member of our expect team for help and advice on: 0161 474 1200. Alternatively, you can email the team at: info@jp-uk.co.uk.

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