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Getting the most out of your iPads or Macs

Managing a fleet of iPads might seem daunting at first, but there's many options to make it simple. We've put this page together as an overview, but if you need more information you can call us on 0161 474 1200 or email at - we're always more than happy to help.

We offer a tech set-up service when you order iPads through us that consists of 1 full day for up to 60 iPad devices and a Mac Mini server, or 1 full day for up to 15 iMacs, MacBooks etc. Larger quantities are no problem - they'll just take more than 1 day. You must have an Apple School Manager account set up beforehand.

Apple School Manager

If you haven't already, you'll need to set up an Apple School Manager account - you can enrol here on the Apple website, or if you are previously enrolled in Apple Deployment Programmes (such as the Device Enrolment Program or Volume Purchase Program) you can upgrade to use Apple School Manager instead by logging into your Apple Deployment Programs Agent account and following the onscreen instructions.

You'll be able to find all your DEP ID numbers in Apple School Manager » Settings » Device Purchases

Apple Caching Server

Even if you're just buying iPads, we recommend the addition of a Mac Mini to be used as an Apple Caching Server. This means that you'll only ever need to download an App once, using the server, and then it will be pushed out to all of your iPads - instead of having each individual device downloading the full App, which can cause network issues. You'll save bandwidth usage, and once your server is set up you can just leave it to run on your network - there's no need for micromanaging.

Each Apple Caching Server can host up to 400 iPads or mixture of other devices. Typically, you'll need a Mac Mini with at least 8GB RAM, running macOS High Sierra or up.

Please be aware that the Mac Mini models released in 2018 and onwards feature the Apple T2 Security Chip - this means that deployment of these models must be done via MDM software or manually. Please click here for more details.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

You can use the Apple Configurator app to manage your iPads, but this requires a physical cable connection to a Mac running the software which often necessitates a charge and sync hub. Not only can this get very expensive, it's extremely time consuming once the number of iPads to manage becomes larger, and is sometimes prone to errors. You'll also need to physically move all your iPads back to one location to manage them.

Using MDM software eliminates these problems - they work wirelessly to send out updates, configure settings, and remotely locate or lock devices. They integrate with your Apple School Manager account, to push apps to all your devices while preventing unauthorised ones from being installed.

Lightspeed Mobile Manager

Over-the-air multi-OS device management made easy with Mobile Manager - at school and wherever students are.

  • Cloud Hosted - always up to date
  • Manage device settings and restrictions
  • Works with Apple Classroom App
  • Mass App Management
  • Mass update for iOS software
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Works best with iOS and iPads

Please note that if you are deploying Apple Mac products that contain an Apple T2 Security Chip, you must deploy them via MDM software. Please click here for more details and a list of models containing the T2 Chip. If you're not sure if your chosen Mac products feature the Apple T2 Security Chip, please ring us on 0161 474 1200 and we will happily assist you.

Cases and Protection

To prevent unnecessary damage to your iPads, keeping each one in a case is extremely advised. We have a variety of case types from folios to anti-shock rugged covers, all in a range of colours. Because the price of a case scales up with the amount of iPads you want, we offer bundle discounts on our cases if you are buying 5 or more iPad devices. We also supply anti-smear screen protectors to help resist fingerprints or dust on your display.

Storage and Charging

Once your devices are set up, you'll need somewhere to store them. We offer an immense range of cabinets, lockers, trolleys, and transporters - all of which can keep your iPads secure and charged. Each iPad slots into an individual bay, with easy cable management to the power source which charges all of them at once. Many of these store & charge solutions can fit the iPads while in rugged cases, so you don't need to remove the cases to keep your iPads locked up. You can find the right unit to fit the amount of iPads you need in our iPad Bundle Builder.

File Management for the Classroom


Foldr is an app that unifies all the files and folders from your Windows, Mac or iPad devices. Foldr can integrate as part of your MDM solution.

Teachers can easily share files or bookmarks with their students via links or folders, giving them quick access to what they need to see. Not only that, they can create folders with a deadline to be used as coursework hand-in points - once the cut-off point has passed, students can no longer hand in their work to that folder.


AirServer allows you to mirror your display and stream content from your iOS devices. It allows you to receive AirPlay feeds, similar to an Apple TV but at a fraction of the cost. If your classroom has an interactive whiteboard or touchscreen with a PC linked to it, you can host AirServer on that PC and mirror the screen to multiple iPads or Mac at once.

Technical Set up

So long as you've got your Apple School Manager account set up, we can take care of the rest! Our tech set-up service will get all your devices installed and ready to use, including set up of your MDM software or Caching Server. It takes 1 full day for up to 60 iPad devices and a Mac Mini server, or 1 full day for up to 15 iMacs, MacBooks etc. Larger quantities are no problem - they'll just take more than 1 day.

For more information on this, and all the other Apple services we offer, please contact us at or ring on 0161 474 1200.

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