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Sapphire 16:10 Ratio - 2.2m Fixed Frame Front Projection Screen - SFSC203-10

Manufacturer / Order Code : SFSC203-10

Sapphire AV SFSC203-10
Product Specifications
Aspect Ratio :
16;10 Widescreen
Diagonal Image Size :
Viewing Size (L + H) :
2037 x 1268 (mm)
Viewing Size (L + H) :
6.68 x 4.16 (ft)
Bottom Frame :
Top Frame :
Side Frames :
80mm (Each Side)
Screen Type :
Matte White Fabric
Gain :
Weight :

Availability: In stock

£206.90 Ex. VAT £248.28 Inc. VAT

Sapphire AV SFSC203-10 Projector Screen - 16:10 Ratio 2037 x 1268mm Widescreen Fixed Frame Front Projection Screen

Sapphire are a major manufacturer of Projection Screens.

With movies now being made with 3D technology and the invention of HD (High Definition) and Blu-Ray technology, more and more people are purchasing projectors to create their own home cinema feeling.

Projector Screens offer the ultimate in projection needs, whether it be as use for a home cinema, a sporting event or entertainment needs in pubs, clubs and bars, aswell as used for outdoor events or used for an office presentation. Here at JP-UK, we offer the finest in projection needs and supply everything you will need from Projector Screens and Projectors to Projector Lamps and cages and mounts to store and house your equipment.

Product Description & Contents:

This Sapphire projector screen is a 16:10 ratio fixed frame front projector screen. It has a straightforward, sturdy aluminium frame covered in velvet. It is traditionally used to create a 'home theatre' atmosphere, which can be achieved by mounting it to a wall and also by the fabric being tightened to ensure it is completely flat. It includes channel fixing. The channel fixing is an aluminium design and allows the brackets to be adjusted to give the optimum position for the screen. They are stylish and long lasting, making it the complete package.


  • Covered frames, less light reflection and better quality image
  • instructions to ensure easy assembly

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