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CompuCharge ChargeMate16 Laptop Trolley, Charge, 8 Bay Laptop, 16 Bay Netbook

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CompuCharge CompuCharge ChargeMate16

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£669.90 Ex. VAT £803.88 Inc. VAT
  1. CompuCharge items are built to order and therefore we advise there will be a minimum of a 21 working day lead time. Please call or send a message for accurate details.

    This item is a Special Purchase item and on recipt of order will go into production so CANNOT be cancelled once the order has been placed!

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£669.90 Ex. VAT £803.88 Inc. VAT

CompuCharge ChargeMate16 16 Bay High Security Netbook / Laptop Storage Trolley / Cabinet and Charging Station

Key Features:

This product is the CompuCharge ChargeMate16 model which is a 16 Bay High Security, ergonomically and environmentally conscious design for the safe storage and secure charging of up to 16 Netbooks / Tablet PCs or 8 Laptops, including wide screen and large format Laptops.

  • The ChargeMate16, environmentally conscious design for the safe and secure charging of up to 8 Laptops or 16 Netbooks such as the Fizzbook Spin and Intel-powered classmate PC, or iPads and Tablet PCs
  • Includes individually switched power outlets
  • Manufactured in the UK from the highest quality materials and as with all CompuCharge Laptop charging solutions, made to comply with EN60950:2000. The ChargeMate16 has been designed as a compact, lightweight method of storing and charging up to 8 Laptops or 16 Intel-powered classmate PC, or other Netbooks and mini Laptops such as Elonex's ONE, ONETWO and webbook, the Asus Eee PC range, and the HP2133 Notebook from Hewlett Packard
  • The fully retractable door folds back flat against the side of the cabinet and is retained by magnets, eliminating the possibility of injury from doors sticking out, an excellent Health & Safety point
  • Our simple 'in shelf' cable management system allows for cables and AC adaptors to be stored safely. No more messy, untidy wires!!
  • All shelves are designed with the end user in mind, with large spacing between each one for ease of access. The shelving is fully ventilated, which completely removes any potential for the overheating problems that can be found with some of the lower quality products in todays marketplace
  • Individual manufacturers Laptops, this means no restriction on the make or mix of laptops to be charged. For example a ChargeMate16 could charge 16 different brands of Netbook or 10 Laptop brands.
  • Outlets are fitted inside the rear panel for secure access and connection, with 2 metres of mains cable. Please note that a twin 13amp wall socket will be required for charging
  • Available in a range of colours; Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Black and Grey
  • All products sold by CompuCharge are supplied with a Lifetime Return to Base (RTB) Warranty


  • Single Door
  • W: 580mm x D: 550mm x H: 1080mm

Product Overview:

CompuCharge are a manufacturer of High Security Laptop and Netbook Trolleys / Cabinets, providing first class security whilst also maintaining functionality with charging features at a competitive price. With Laptops becoming more common in the classroom and workplace, it is important to ensure that the best security measures are in place to prevent theft. A secure Laptop trolley is the ideal solution to this security problem.

Now teaching with computers can be like holding two lessons in one. Delivering valuable learning content and computer skills for life, in one fell swoop! Trouble is, there are never enough machines to go round. Thats why Laptops and Netbooks have become so popular. Neat practical mobile computers wherever you need them, whenever you need them. But... How to keep them tidy? How to keep them handy for any class at any time? How to keep them charged up, and how to keep them safe?

CompuCharge has the answers... imagine, a wheeled lockable suite of 16 to 20 Netbooks in a neat trolley gliding smoothly from class to class just when needed. With CompuCharge mobile Laptop storage and charging solutions you can get the technology up and running in minutes, keep the wires out of the way, and be sure your IT investment is protected.

CompuCharge ChargeMate High Security Netbook Trolleys / Cabinets are the latest offering from one of the leading IT security brands.

This high security Notebook trolley is wireless capable out of the factory, however a wireless router is not supplied with this Notebook trolley. Which means you can easily fit an aftermarket wireless router to your Laptop trolley if your require wireless internet.

All CompuCharge products are of full metal construction and come with a Lifetime Return to Base (RTB) Warranty.

Please Note: All images & product information, specification, details, and, if applicable, dimensions, are supplied by the manufacturer, and are for illustration / reference purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy of the information portrayed on this page, the package contents will prevail.
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We accept Google Checkout and Paypal, Verified by Visa & Mastercard Securecodeschool orders welcomed